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Online Quran Academy

What is Online Quran Academy?

Online Quran Academy is an Institute which provides different courses of Quran and teaching of Islam virtually instead of physically visiting the place.
These courses include Quran reading online, Quran Memorization online and Quran translation online.

What is EQuran School?

EQuran School is a Brand Name of Online Quran Academy. We are providing Online Quran Learning Services since 2008. We have taken steps and used latest technologies to provide virtual Quran classes all over the world. Now hundreds of students are learning Holy Quran from Online Quran academy instead of physically visiting the place. Qualified teachers are hired to deliver Quran lessons to muslim kids and adults.

What services EQuran School Provides?

EQuran School is one of the leading Quran Academy providing Quran lessons at lowest possible cost. You are welcome to take 3 days free trial lessons to see how our system works. Our teachers are very kind to their students. They teach students with hard work and this online system works perfectly. Our students feel comfortable while taking online Quran classes and it helps you to see the performance of your kids in front of you. Now you don't need to search for a physical present Quran tutor in your area for your kids Quran classes.

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