Fee Policy


Free trial:
This is 100% FREE trial and there are no conditions attached. You can continue after the free trial. You can discontinue the service if for some reason this service does not work for you and/or for your child after the free trial.


Payment of fee:
Fee is due within first week of each month. In rare cases, where parents assure and promis the fee payment at a future date, Academy can give permission to continue classes. In case of non-payment, Academy will have the right to use all legal methods to recover the fee.

Cancellations policy:
You may cancel your subscription by giving 1 month prior notice.


Refund Policy:
If You have paid the fee of a month but could not start any class of that month, the fee will be refunded. if you stop classes during a month, no refund will be given and you will be charged the whole month fee.


Public Holidays:
Fee is calculated on monthly basis, including Public holidays, therefore there is no concession in fee for public/Islamic holidays.

Please email your complaints to info[@]equranschool.com - Insha ALLAH we will respond within 2 business days maximum.

Aim of this policy:
EQuranSchool.com does not accept any donations. It runs on a small fee we receive from the students. In order for Quran Academy to provide a high quality environment and an appropriate program for children and adult we must remain financially viable, while ensuring fee levels are at an affordable level for families.


Note: Our fee is not actually the fee of QURAN teaching, its the time spending cost which teacher spends on a student because no Muslim can even think that he can sell QURAN.


Terms and Conditions:


Before starting your regular classes, you must agree to the following terms and conditions and policies including any future amendments (collectively, the "Agreement"):


1.       If I pay the fee of a month but I could not start my classes of that month, the fee will be refunded.


2.       My monthly fee will be taken in advance at first week of each month.


3.       If I decide to discontinue / stop my classes (due to any reasons) during the month, the fee of that month will not be refunded.


4.       If I want to hold my classes for any limited period, it is not necessary that I’ll be given same teacher and time after coming back.


5.       If I want same teacher and time after coming back from vacation, I have to reserve my teacher and time by paying 50% of the tuition fee for that period in advance.


6.       If I'll be absent in any class due to problem at my end, It is not necessary that I'll get makeup classes from my teacher.


7.       If the teacher is not available for class, I’ll be given a substitute class by another teacher at class time or by the same teacher at another adjustable time.


8.       There will be no substitute classes for public holidays.


9.       My teacher can be changed on my request, if another teacher is available.


10.    My class timing (schedule) can be changed on my request, if another time slot with the same teacher is available.


11.    My classes can be ceased (paused), if I do not pay fee within due dates.


We may, in its sole discretion, modify or revise these Terms of Service and policies at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. You should periodically review the most up-to-date version.

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