Monthly Fee

You can select any of the following pre-defined plans or Contact us for a customized plan.
Family Package (For multiple members of a family)

Get special discount for more than one student of a family.

Plans Class Duration Classes Monthly Fee
Classes/week Duration/day Classes/Month US$ UK Euro  
3 days/week 1 hour 12 80$ 54 80€  
4 days/week 1 hour 16 110$ 72 110€  
5 days/week 1 hour 20 140$ 90 140€  
6 days/week 1 hour 24 160$ 108 160€  

Please Click Here to make payment with Paypal. You will be directed to Paypal website after entering information on the order page.

We strive to provide the lowest Quran tutoring Fee and the best Online Quran teaching services.
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Do I need Credit card information for Trial classes?
No, You are not required to give credit card information for trial lessons.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept all major debit/credit cards and  Paypal payments.
Is there any offline payment method?
Yes, you can make payment with Bank transfer and Western Union.

When should I pay my monthly fee?
Your monthly fee is collected within first week of every month in advance
Do I have to give credit card information to any one?
No. You are not required to give credit card information to anyone. You will make payment online in very secure environment.
Is there any discount for family members?
Yes, there is discount for two or more than two members of the family. See Family Package.
What if I want to cancel my classes?
You may cancel your subscription any time by giving 1 months notice

Note : Students other than USA, UK & Europe can use Google currency converter to see the cost in their local currency.

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Plans Class Duration Classes Monthly Fee
Classes/week Duration/day Classes/Month US$ UK Euro  
2 days/week 30 minutes 08 30$ 20 30€  
3 days/week 30 minutes 12 45$ 30 45€  
4 days/week 30 minutes 16 60$ 40 60€  
5 days/week 30 minutes 20 75$ 50 75€  
6 days/week 30 minutes 24 80$ 54 80€  
Miscellaneous Payment Plan Pay from here if you don't want automatic subscription
Enter Amount here:         

Fee is charged automatically on monthly basis for all subscription Plans excluding Miscellaneous Plan.

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